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Similar to its Double and Wheel counterparts, this game possesses a distinct silhouette that effortlessly stands out among the sea of other casino games. Moreover, it boasts an exceptional design that sets the standard for maximum entertainment within the industry. The meticulously crafted 5.1 stereo surround sound ensures an immersive experience for players, while the enhanced graphics capabilities captivate and leave a lasting impression on the gaming floor.


Blending the timeless charm of a stepper with the exciting advancements of modern innovation, this nostalgic players cabinet caters to classic gaming enthusiasts. Meticulously designed to deliver the ultimate player experience, the Relm™ showcases prominent protruding reels, reminiscent of traditional slot machines. The retro chrome detailing on the stick-shift-style arm and speakers adds an extra touch of vintage allure. Adding to the authentic experience, the cabinet features a real mechanical bell that enhances the fun-filled atmosphere. The sleek and straightforward mechanical button deck is adorned with a flush translucent lens and a rear LED display.

Helix upright

This extraordinary cabinet combines captivating floating displays, innovative lighting, and sleek finish all within a tall package that is crowned with an eye-catching topper. Its striking appearance is sure to attract players, while its ergonomic design ensures their utmost comfort during gameplay. With a focus on serviceability, the Helix™ Upright minimizes downtime, allowing for seamless and uninterrupted gaming experiences. The Helix™ Upright seamlessly integrates the extensive and highly popular Aristocrat catalog of games, providing players with a diverse selection of their favorite titles.

Helix XT

The Helix XT is a cutting-edge innovation in portrait cabinet technology. This top-tier cabinet boasts an impressive collection of beloved games. Experience breathtaking 4K graphics showcased on a captivating curved 42″ screen. The Helix XT elevates the gaming experience with mesmerizing light shows that span across both the topper and edge lighting, adding a touch of brilliance to every moment.

Helix Widescreen

Continuing the legacy of the renowned 19″ Viridian, this enhanced widescreen model takes Aristocrat’s performance to new heights. With its robust GEN 7 Platform and larger, upgraded Hi-Def widescreen LCDs, this model delivers the exceptional performance that you have come to anticipate. As one of the most sought-after games in the industry, these machines are guaranteed to be a resounding success on your casino floor!



The LCD touchscreen button deck of this gaming system includes a bash button, allowing for personalized game features and interactions. Its sleek black matte finish adds an elegant touch that accentuates the vibrant game screen. A600 includes an enhanced 5.1 sound package, complete with a subwoofer for immersive audio. The larger screens feature double 24″ LCDs, providing a visually stunning display. A new lighting package has been implemented, featuring synchronized lighting across multiple machines. Additionally, the updated CPU boasts improved graphics capabilities, animations, and enhanced reel features.


This gaming system features a generous 40-inch touchscreen LCD game screen, providing players with an immersive visual experience. The LCD button deck includes a bash button, adding an interactive element to the gameplay. Additionally, there is an optional 27-inch LCD topper available, enhancing the overall presentation and providing additional game information. The surround sound package has been upgraded to deliver an enhanced audio experience, further immersing players in the game environment. With improved graphics and animations, this system offers captivating visuals that bring the games to life in a whole new way.


Cube X Video

The Cube-X Video gaming system is built around dual large 24″ high-definition monitors, accompanied by a LCD topper and button panel, creating a visually captivating gaming setup. It is powered by a next-generation processor board and an advanced operating system, ensuring the system’s longevity and enabling it to accommodate innovative game features for years to come. With vibrant, photo-realistic colors, state-of-the-art 3D graphics technology, and customized sound and music, the Cube-X Video immerses players in a truly immersive and engaging gaming environment.


The visually stunning Muso Curve 55 exudes elegance with its midnight black color and captivating 55-inch screen. Featuring crisp visuals, exciting bonuses, and thrilling wagering opportunities, this cabinet guarantees maximum engagement and endless fun. As part of Aruze’s new Premium Core product line, the Muso Curve 55 is a rare gem in the market, offering a combination of size and caliber that few other cabinets can match. Designed with the player’s experience in mind, the sleek cabinet perfectly complements its companion games, ensuring a seamless and immersive gaming journey.


Pro V32

This remarkable gaming cabinet has been meticulously re-imagined from the ground up, incorporating extensive operator feedback to set a new standard of unparalleled player comfort, interaction, and control. Featuring a stunning 32-inch vertical HD video touch-enabled display, custom surround sound, and synchronized lighting that enhances the gameplay experience, this platform showcases Bally’s exceptional game content in all its glory. Not only does the V32 cabinet deliver immersive entertainment, but it also prioritizes ease of serviceability, ensuring seamless maintenance and support for operators.

Alpha Pro V27/27

This cutting-edge cabinet seamlessly supports Bally’s extensive collection of dual-screen video content while its sleek exterior enhances the aesthetics of your casino floor. With its lower profile and expansive sightlines, players can enjoy optimal viewing from various angles. The cabinet’s design prioritizes player comfort, featuring comfortable seating, increased interaction, and an ergonomic deck with a soft-touch coating. The Pro v27/27 cabinet is equipped with dual 27-inch 1080p full HD resolution monitors that deliver a true-to-life and visually stunning multimedia experience.


Core HDX

With the Core HDX® gaming cabinet, Everi has seamlessly transitioned some of their most popular three-reel mechanical games to this remarkable form factor, which has garnered immense appreciation from their devoted classic mechanical reel players. The Core HDX cabinet serves as the platform for Everi’s industry-leading slot tournament platform, TournEvent®, which has the remarkable ability to captivate players, stop them in their tracks, and draw in crowds.

Empire MPX

The Empire MPX™ gaming cabinet combines a 43-inch 1080p HD portrait display with a cinematic entertainment experience, all within a space-efficient package. The MPX’s compact design allows for optimized bank configurations, maximizing the number of units that can be placed in a dedicated space. The cabinet is equipped with synchronized games-controlled lighting, elevating the player’s experience to new heights. Additionally, the ergonomic LCD button panel ensures comfortable and intuitive gameplay.


crystal dual 23" & 27"

Experience gaming like never before with the dual floating 23” or 27″ high-definition displays that create an immersive player experience. With SyncSation™ compatibility, the lights can be synchronized to the game experience, music, and sounds, adding an extra layer of immersion. Moreover, the built-in charging port allows players to charge their phones or other electronic devices at the machine. The intelligent cabinet design improves access to commonly serviced components, and the pressurized cabinet helps keep the interior clean.


The legacy game elements incorporated in this gaming cabinet ensure an authentic spinning-reel experience that players love. The S+ reel spin and credit rollup sounds create a familiar atmosphere, while the crisp and expansive layout provides clear information to players. The lighting package has been refined to cater to player sensitivity, featuring darkened reel glass, darkened financial panel, and a classic black handle. The cabinet side lighting adds an elegant touch with sleek and subtle pinstriping. To add convenience, the cabinet includes a built-in external USB charging port, allowing players to charge their devices for uninterrupted play sessions.

Crystal Curve

IGT’s CrystalCurve™ boasts impressive features including a 43″ 4K display, fourth-generation AVP® electronics, and a Dynamic Player Panel equipped with dual bash buttons. With banked lighting and no additional hardware required for basic functionality, the cabinet shares the same tools as the S3000®, CrystalCore®, and CrystalDual®. The inclusion of a built-in external USB charging port allows players to conveniently charge their phones or other USB-powered devices while playing. The Shadow Sand finish of the cabinet adds a touch of elegance to any gaming floor.


TwinStar Video

Dual floating 23″ & 27″ high-definition displays that create an immersive player experience. With SyncStation compatibility, the lights can be synchronized to the game experience, music and sounds adding an extra layer of immersion. Proven player ergonomics guarantee comfort during gameplay. Moreover, the built-in charging port allows players to conveniently charge their phones or other electronic devices at the machine.


The games introduced on this cabinet have surpassed expectations and are outperforming the average floor performance. Player surveys consistently rate the cabinet highly across all player segments, highlighting its exceptional features. Players are particularly enamored with the cabinet’s commanding presence, thanks to its immersive 43″ J-Curve display with 4K resolution. The addition of a 22″ digital topper and enhanced, animated light package further enhance the visual appeal. Truly a dazzling beacon on any casino floor, this cabinet leaves a lasting impression on players.



Harnessing the remarkable KP3+ platform developed by Konami, the Concerto Crescent gaming cabinet offers unparalleled power and performance. Its standout feature is the curved 43″ HD cinematic display, immersing players in a visually stunning gaming experience. With Concerto cabinets, you can elevate your gamers’ enjoyment through their exceptional brilliance. These versatile multi-game cabinets provide a wide range of gameplay options, ensuring that casino players have a diverse and engaging selection to choose from.


The KX 43™ gaming cabinet showcases a stunning 43-inch 4K Ultra HD display, providing players with crisp visuals. The relaxed slant top and standard base width ensure comfortable gameplay, while the inclusion of dual cup holders and dual spin buttons adds convenience for players. Multicolor lighting spans the entire length of the cabinet creating an eye-catching display. The debut library of games includes the Reels Up™ series, the Triple Sparkle™ series, and the Treasure Ball™ extended ROM linked progressive. Each game is accompanied by custom game content, showcased from the digital topper down to the specially-illuminated touchscreen button dash.


Experience gaming on a grand scale with the Concerto Opus™ gaming cabinet. It boasts an impressive 65-inch 4K Ultra HD display that immerses players in stunning visuals. The cabinet is designed for convenience with dual cup holders, dual spin buttons, an illuminated multi-color button dash, and the option for an additional USB charger. The debut launch series of games is based on two beloved Konami classics, Solstice Celebration™ and Riches with Daikoku™, featuring a linked progressive with symbol-driven gameplay. This series has been expanded to introduce a thrilling “Triple Sparkle” jackpot symbol transformation.

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